Sing Out, Louise



Pre-Stonewall Gay Bars FTW

The Swing Rendezvous was an underground club at 117 MacDougal. The Swing had a long wooden bar scored with more initials than a grade-school desk, vinyl platters playing on the PA, multicolored scrims shading the lightbulbs overhead, women of all shapes and sizes crowding the dance floor. The dancers wore Shalimar, Arpege, and L’Aimant. They slow-danced to Piaf, Judy Garland, and Streisand’s “Cry Me a River.”

- Kevin Cook


Wanted to thank all the ~allies~ for their indignation over the southie Saint Patrick’s parade not allowing gays. Would like to also alert them that that shit went through Supreme Court review within their lifetime. Love to love you, but stop wasting time you could better spend looking at internet porn. Plus, you’re probably gonna be late for a NOH8 photoshoot.